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Help with Stopping Smoking

Smoking is one of those behaviors people tend to feel guilty (or defiant) about and tend to have a great deal of difficulty stopping. It is also a behavior that claims more lives each year than alcohol and drugs combined.

Smoking Cessation Treatment

Using nicotine replacement (patch, gum, etc.) as the sole treatment to stop smoking has limited success. Combining nicotine replacement with cognitive-behavioral treatment for smoking cessation has a high rate of success and requires about 8-12 sessions to complete. (Nicotine replacement can be extended up to 24 weeks for additional effectiveness.)

I provide individualized treatment. Everybody is different — the reasons people smoke differ, the environments they have to deal with when they stop differ and the cravings and urges they experience differ.

The treatment session topics I tailor to each individual’s needs are:

If you or someone you know is thinking of stopping smoking, I’d be happy to help. Please give me a call: 888-933-3539.

If you would like more information on nicotine and smoking cessation you might want to read the nicotine page of my informational website SoberDreams.com.

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