Michael Feeley, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

A Coach for Problem-Solving and Personal Development

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Services I Offer

What I Do as a Psychologist

Sometimes people are dissatisfied with the way their lives are going. They have difficulties that block their personal development such as procrastination, stress, low resilience, lack of persistence, ongoing problems, etc. These difficulties keep them from achieving a more satisfying life.

I help people gain a clearer understanding of their values and goals. Together we define and refine their goals and then we work on ways to achieve those goals. We setup an action plan, develop ways to manage the difficulties and measure how well things are going.

This is not psychotherapy; I don't fix people.

What I do is called coaching, specifically cognitive behavioral coaching. I help people use what they already have inside. I help them increase their motivation to make changes, acquire additional skills, if needed, and practice, practice, practice.

Measuring progress along the way is important and we do just that. Bumps in the road are normal and we address those together and the client makes some changes in how they do things and we continue to measure progress. Success is not guaranteed, but by addressing the dissatisfactions directly, the chances of success increase.

Some of the areas I help with are:

If you feel you would like to work on, and could use some coaching in, one or more of the above areas, please contact me.

How to schedule an appointment

Appointment scheduling is done through my client portal.


Mike Feeley