Michael Feeley, PhD

Licensed Psychologist -- Caring and Compassionate Help with Problems and Goals.

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Issues, Problems or Goals you could use some help with?

Dear Visitor,

I help adults solve and manage a variety of issues. If you have a problem, I can help you evaluate and decide what, if anything, to do to solve it. I also help people who have goals they want help achieving or who feel they are stuck or dissatisfied with their lives and who want help defining and achieving a more satisfying life.

I think of my work with clients as a partnership. You are the expert on you and your concerns and goals. I am an expert in various ways of helping you understand and make the changes necessary to handle your concerns and goals. We put our "expertises" together to work on your concerns and goals. (In other words, I won't be wagging my finger at you, telling you what to do; you're going to have to do that for yourself (with my help). :-) )

Sessions with me are done by video and phone.

You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone. For tablets and smartphones, I have mobile apps available (Android and iOS). The apps can be used for our sessions, completing forms and secure communications - same as with a computer.

My services are private and confidential.

More information about my services is available in the Services I Offer section.

How to schedule an appointment

Appointment scheduling is done through my client portal.


Mike Feeley