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Fees and Insurance

Fees for Individual Psychotherapy, Consulting and Coaching


I am “in network” and can bill the following insurance plans directly: Capital Blue Cross and Medicare.

You will be responsible for any co-pay or deductible at the time of the session.

If you are a customer of one of these insurance plans and would like to use your insurance, I will need to check your eligibility with your insurance company before we start sessions. Please note that Medicare is allowing telephone and video sessions during the coronavirus pandemic.

For all other insurance plans I am considered “out-of-network” (including "Medicare Advantage" plans and Medicaid).


Many plans will reimburse customers who use out-of-network providers, including Health Savings Accounts. The amount of reimbursement depends on your plan. If your insurance plan does allow out-of-network reimbursement, I can provide you with a receipt (form CMS1500) containing all the information you will need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

My fee is $45 for the first 15 minutes and $40 for every additional 15 minutes. Most individual sessions are 60 minutes in length and I offer a discount for payment by check which brings the cost of a one hour session to $125.

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How to contact me

There are two ways to contact me:

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