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Help with Drug Issues

Marijuana, cocaine, opioids (such as heroin and pain pills), amphetamines and other drugs are substances that can bring pleasure, but also cause a lot of grief. Needing to use drugs on a frequent basis may a sign that things are off-balance in your life. Continued frequent drug use may not be in your best interest and the costs may be great.

Clues to a Drug Problem

If you feel a particular drug pays too great a role in your life or your significant others (spouse, friends, employers) are complaining about your behavior (or lack therof) or productivity, you might want to consider slowing down or stopping.

Some specific things you might want to consider in assessing the problem:

If you can answer yes to as few as two to three of these questions, you might want to consider doing something about your substance use.

Treatment for Substance Issues

Treatment for drug issues is generally abstinence oriented — there are few studies out there that try and teach controlled drug use.

(Medications that can help with opiate addiction — methadone, burprenorphine and naltrexone hydrochloride are available and have good data to support their use when used with counseling.)

Evidence-based cognitive behavioral and motivational therapies teach skills to prevent relapse and to increase the motivation to stop abusive use. Psychotherapy can also be useful for dealing with many of the other issues that go along with substance abuse (depression, anxiety, anger, relationship difficulties, etc.).

If you are interested stopping (or seeing if you would benefit by stopping) a drug, I’d be happy to help.

Please give me a call: 888-933-3539. I'd be happy to speak with you.

If you would like more information on substances that can cause people problems, you might want to look at my informational website SoberDreams.com.

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