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Help with Anger Problems

Anger is a perfectly normal human emotion. How we handle it is the hard part.

Anger is a choice. We interpret situations and decide, however quickly, whether to be angry or not. Poor anger control can lead to relationship problems, employment difficulties and in extreme cases to legal consequences. Sometimes anger is used to control a relationship, so anger can be manipulative. Sometimes it is frustration that boils over.

There is no psychiatric diagnosis of anger. Assuming you are not deliberately using anger to manipulate people, it is possible to get some idea of whether you might want to get anger management treatment using the following questions:

Getting a Bead on Anger

Over the course of a week:

If you find yourself answering often or always to the above questions you may want to do something about your anger.

Anger Management Training/Treatment

Anger management treatment typically includes the following:

If you are ready to change yourself and learn new skills and outlooks on things, I’d be happy to help. Please give me a call. My telephone number is 1-888-933-3539. I'd be happy to speak with you.

Mike Feeley

NB: A note to those who have been court-ordered to anger management treatment. Pardon me if I seem a bit blunt in the following. If you are court-ordered to undergo anger management treatment, you may be angry with the court for ordering you to deal with the anger outburst(s) that led to your court appearance. Not a good start. People who are court-ordered to do anger management treatment sometimes see me as an arm of the court and all they want to do is “do” the number of court-ordered sessions. A good “therapeutic alliance” between you and me is needed for you to make progress. If you are still angry with the court for ordering treatment, and angry with me as a part of “the system”, you will probably not do well in treatment. It would be a waste of both our times, and your money. You need to be willing to look at yourself and be willing to work to change yourself (not the others who “made” you angry). If you are willing to work on yourself, I'd be happy to work with you.