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Help with Alcohol Issues

Drinking alcohol is a socially acceptable behavior that can get away from people. When someone decides to do something about their alcohol issues there are two general strategies: Controlled drinking and abstinence.

Controlled Drinking

Most people who drink heavily (defined as 15 drinks a week for a man and 8 drinks a week for a woman) are not alcoholic. But the consequences of heavy drinking can be severe — accidents, sexual assault and legal issues. If someone is not dependent on alcohol, learning to manage one’s drinking is a viable option. It involves setting drinking goals, monitoring one’s drinking and understanding why one drinks. (For example, some people drink to feel less anxious socially.) Treatment to control drinking involves working with a therapist to set drinking goals, establish a self-monitoring program and dealing with any other problems that might cause one to drink too much.


When things get really bad with alcohol, those affected frequently choose abstinence. Losing jobs, losing relationships, health problems and legal problems are some of the reasons people decide to stop drinking. Treatment for alcohol dependence can involve getting through the physical withdrawal from alcohol, identifying and understanding triggers for wanting to drink, and learning and practicing relapse prevention techniques. Frequently there are other issues to be dealt with as well, such as depression, anxiety, anger and stress. (Medications such as naltrexone hydrochloride to help reduce cravings may also be used.)

If you are interested in learning to control or stop your drinking and you would like some help with either one, I’d be more than happy to help.

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